Retraining The Brain

The longer a person is dependent on a drug, the more severely it damages the body. The Retrain Your Brain After Addictionbody becomes dependent on the drug’s presence to function properly.  This is what causes detox and withdrawal to be intense as the body begins to rid itself of the toxins while the brain continues to fight it.  The brain is trying to tell the body that there is a need for the drug as the body is trying to heal itself at the same time.

Unique Alternatives

This is the hardest thing about addiction. A person that has become dependent on a drug or alcohol has to try to retrain their body and mind to function normally again without the presence of the substance.  The addiction can take over every aspect of a person, damaging the mind, body, and spirit.  For this reason, A Forever Recovery provides a unique alternative to traditional drug treatment therapies.  We believe that because addiction damages all three, the person should work on healing all three and not just the body.  If you work on healing all of the damaged parts, then the chances for a successful recovery are greatly increased.

Learning to Live After Addiction

Our counselors work with you and teach just exactly how drugs work in your body and how they negatively impact you and your life.  This is something that all addicts need to understand.  If there is a clear understanding as to how the addiction controls you and your life, then you can begin to make the correct choices as to what is best for you.  We encourage our clients to take control of their treatment program and to find their own way down the path to recovery with guidance from our counselors and staff.  With our help and the assistance of a good support system, retraining the brain after addiction can lead to a life free from the restraints of addiction.